Featured Artist: Jillian Evelyn

Jillian Evelyn is this upcoming season's featured artist. What does that mean? Well, for starters she will be painting a mural on the store wall and we are so excited to be carrying her work to share with you all!

Jillian Evelyn is an illustrator who draws out the feelings of our everyday moods through her beautifully contorted illustrations and paintings of characters in distress or indifference. Her show will consist of hand-painted original works and digital illustrations in either limited or open editions. She will also paint the in-store mural which will be unveiled during the opening reception.

Evelyn has been featured on VICE Creators Project, Juxtapoz Magazine and Naked Magazine. She recently did a solo exhibition at the Artists Republic Gallery in Laguna Beach..

P.S. You're cordially invited to Jillian's opening reception on September 21st 6:00pm-9:00pm. There'll be food, drinks, and giveaways! So...a win, win, win? RSVP today! 


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Jillian Evelyn and I’m an artist. I grew up in Michigan but currently live in Los Angeles with my pug Olie (oh-lee). 
What events led you to painting and illustration?
I’ve always loved art. But when I was in High School, I didn’t think it was a real career until I went over to my friends house. His Dad was an art teacher and his older brother was attending art school for Illustration. I loved going to their house because I always felt so inspired and excited. I just knew that was what I was meant to do and that feeling still remains. Its the one thing in my life that I have felt consistently in love with. 


Who/what inspires you?

I’ve really been inspired by photographers lately. But mostly friends and personal experiences/ relationships. 

Name three things you need for a productive morning. 

1) coffee 2) Podcast or some Music 3) I like to start my day with a clean work space. I have trouble starting if its not semi-organized. 

What are your favorite podcasts?

- My Favorite Murder

- Song Exploder

- Modern Love

- Ted Radio Hour


What is something you are still learning?

So many things! When it comes to painting, I’m still learning on how to introduce other objects to my work. If you look at my work it has been a slow progression of a head, then bust up, then hands, and now they’re full bodies. I like for those transitions / growths happen naturally. I’m also still learning how to spray paint. My friend Frankzilla has been so helpful in teaching me, I hope one day I can get my lines as clean as that guy!

How do you stay creative?

I think its important to be around people who inspire you. I have a lot of talented and creative friends out here in Los Angeles- they kind of blow my mind. But I’m also an introvert, so I make sure to take the time to recharge and connect with myself. 

Your style and aesthetic is very distinct.  What was your work like before this and how did your work evolve into what is is now?

My work used to be very “cute and commercial” but then I moved across the country & went through a bad break-up. It was then when I started to create work that reflected who I was, rather than creating work that I thought would get me jobs. & like I said earlier, it has been a slow natural progression of adding/ subtracting  elements. 

What advice would you give to someone who would like to pursue a more creative career?

MAKE MAKE MAKE- & be honest with yourself. Don’t create work that you THINK others want from you. Just do what feels right for you.

What issue(s) are you passionate about?

Equality & Global Warming. 

What are your next steps?

I hope to do more shows and murals in other cities.  

For more info: Jillian Evelyn

Follow her: @jllian_Evelyn

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