Friday Feature: Bradley Angle

Project Object is all about making a difference, so a portion of our sales go towards supporting non-profits. One of these is Bradley Angle, an amazing organization in Portland, Oregon that helps survivors of domestic violence build safe and prosperous lives. Named in honor of two women, Sharon Bradley and Pam Angle, who lost their lives to interpersonal violence, Bradley Angle continues to provide emergency services, one-on-one advocacy, and safety planning more than 40 years after opening the first domestic violence shelter on the West Coast. We chose Bradley Angle because, in the words of our owner T, “to really make an impact we have to start within our own communities, and from there it can cause a ripple effect of creating an even bigger impact... it's important to have an organization that helps people through their abusive relationships and to be able to provide them with the resources to empower and enrich their lives.” Read about Bradley Angle’s fantastic work below!

Housing Assistance and Economic Empowerment

48% of domestic violence victims in Oregon remain in an abusive relationship because they lack access to a safe and affordable alternative, so Bradley Angle works within a local network to help survivors find and keep safe, stable housing options. They also provide rental assistance, emotional support, and ongoing advocacy to help survivors reach long-term goals, such as Individual Development Accounts that help survivors pay for education, transportation, work-related costs, and move-in costs. Further financial advocacy includes free access to a financial planner, clinics about financial empowerment, and resources about topics like taxes, budgeting, and credit repair.

On top of this housing and economic support, Bradley Angle acknowledges that healing looks different for everyone, and different people need different things throughout their journey. That’s why they have specific programs to meet the unique needs of youth, members of the LGBTQ community, and Black and African American survivors.

Youth and Family Support

To promote healthy parent-child relationships and resiliency in affected youth, trained youth advocates help create safety plans, run youth support groups, and engage in family advocacy such as group-based parenting support. Bradley Angle also partners with Albina Head Start/Early Head Start and the Alberta Child Welfare office to provide survivors with maximal support when interfacing with these systems.

LGBTQ Services

To support LGBTQ survivors, Bradley Angle makes spaces inclusive of all genders, identities, sexualities, and experiences. In addition to making sure all survivors have their basic needs met, Bradley Angle offers a support group for survivors of domestic violence who self-identify as LGBTQ, as well as free workshops open to all who self-identify as LGBTQ about skills for healthy relationships such as boundaries and handling conflict.

Healing Roots Program

The Healing Roots Program represents “culturally specific and responsive services for Black and African American survivors of domestic violence.” On top of safety planning, individual advocacy, and help finding and accessing resources, Bradley Angle provides topic-based support groups for Black and African American survivors to discuss culturally-specific issues surrounding healthy relationships and healing from trauma. To ensure everyone can partake in this opportunity to share and learn from other survivors, bus tickets, child care, and meals are provided for every support group.

You can learn more about Bradley Angle and all of their important services at their website, We’re so proud to support them, and we hope you are too!

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