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Jenny Vu of Turkey Club

Jenny Vu
To say we're in love with Jenny Vu's work is a complete understatement.
Her brutally honest illustrations and blunt sense of humor instantly got us hooked. That's why we're so honored to host her and the release party of her zine, Turkey Club, on October 25th 7pm-10pm (to which you're totally invited to btw) more info here: Spooky Stuff Zine Release Party. And since you want to learn more about her too (we've been there), we asked a few questions...

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm an artist living and working in Portland OR. I like to make humorous work that points out issues of every day life and talks about ideas of identity and existence. I drink a lot of coffee and love horsing around. 
What is the story behind Turkey Club?
I feel like being an artist is a strange thing. No one is asking you to do it and it basically serves no practical purpose. I think it takes a special person to live that kind of life. I wanted to make something that celebrates and explores that. Turkey Club has two meanings. The first being a club of somewhat crazy people living the rogue "artist" lifestyle, and then also the delicious sandwich that layers different deli meats into a tasty combination. I think the sandwich is a good metaphor for the type of experience Turkey Club is trying to create (varied, layered, & best as a whole). 
It's a quarterly zine that is seasonally themed. I try to pick an open yet descriptive title for people to riff off of. I then collect about 20 artist, some that I know personally, some that I only know by their work, and have them work under this theme. I try to pick a variety of artists so that the zine can have some contrast. I give the artists free reign over what they submit without much direction other than the theme and zine specs. It's cool to discover connections between the pieces and it's a fun process assembling it all together.
We love the surprise installations around the city like the woman seeking burrito- how did that begin?
It started as a drawing. It was late one night and I was working in my room and just slowly started writing it out. I thought it was really funny but wasn't sure what to do with it. It existed as just a drawing for a long time. I posted it on the internet, made a couple small collectible prints, had it hanging in a frame at a show, and even featured it in the first Turkey Club. Months later I thought, man, it would make a lot of sense if this was just printed out and put on a poll. 
I printed out 100 copies and bought a staple gun. I walked around inner SE and posted about 20-30 one morning. The next thing I knew it was blown up on the internet. 
I then printed out 100 more and started hitting the streets hard. I was kind of in a frenzy about it. One night I walked for maybe 6 miles putting them up. Overall there were about 300 posted in Portland.
What surprised you the most when starting these installations?
I was pleased with how many people thought it was funny and happy about how many people had opinions on it. I had one friend come up to me and tell me that he had dinner with his parents, and that his parents were talking about it in great detail. His mom thought it was outrageous and that "back in her day, if a woman wanted to get laid, she would just say so". I also know a lot of people hated them and thought they were cliché.
What issue(s) are you passionate about?
Equality is a big issue for me; as it is for anyone who is female, female-identifying, non binary, or not white. I'm thankful to have a lot of close friends who care a lot about these issues who are constantly keeping me informed and in-check. It's a serious issue that a lot of people are suffering from that is still largely misunderstood.
What are your next steps?
I'm interested in getting more into writing, making books, and performing. I actually did a stand up set for the first time last month and it was a blast!


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