Jill - People of Portland

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a Virgo who enjoys helping others & making people smile :) I also LOVE music & dj a lil bit, like to create, explore the outdoors, travel when possible, laugh always & spread positive vibes on the regular!!


What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

Delight in cannabis & EATTT with friends!


Where are your favorite places to eat in Portland?

Nostrana, Shalom Y'all, Van Hanh, Yen Ha, Ranch Pizza, The Bivy, Saint Burrito, Cheese & Crack, Farmhouse Kitchen, Vivienne, Wasabi Sushi, Beeswing, Ichiza Kitchen ( I could go on forever, but I'll stop here. Thirteen is my FAVORITE number so there's 13 places listed)


Three things you need for a productive day:

A good breakfast, meditate anywhere from 5-20min, & music


When do you feel most inspired? 

After a good workout, yoga or a hike!


How has your creativity evolved over the years?

I'm always continuing to learn more about myself & what I can do to be a better person everyday; so I'm constantly reading & staying busy with projects!


What project are you most excited about? 

Cannabis grow in Vegas which will help with other projects out there :)


What is something you wish you knew when you were younger?

How to better handle your finances!!


What issues are you passionate about?

Healthier, affordable food options for everybody, equality for women & people of color and collaborations that help enrich the community!

Why are you passionate about these specific issues? 
1. Education on healthier food options is very important because it's what fuels us on a daily basis. Eating more veggies, fruits, plants, herbs etc can really help cleanse the mind & body in positive ways!! 
2. Being a female of color in this crazy world is very interesting, but collecting together as a whole is very beneficial because usually everything is stronger in numbers. Women are definitely on the rise & just need to continue to stick together to fight for the things we want to see happen on this planet.
3. I LOVE helping my community in the interest of seeing the city thrive & stay ALIVE!!! I am such a cheerleader for all my friends who are musicians, artists, business owners, movers & shakers because I trust in spreading the love & talent everywhere to keep the world spinning in a enriching way.


What are your next steps? 

I'll actually be moving to Vegas soon to help my dad with our cannabis grow, hopefully start a chapter of Tokeativity (womens cannabis events) out there, & get my other music/art homies from PDX & LA to come dj or perform in Vegas!! I just want to keep spreading good energy wherever I go.

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