Meet Angelina from Project Pop-Up

Angelina from Side Hustle Designs will be part of Project Pop-Up, a one day market featuring 6 emerging designers/makers in the Portland area. Her whimsical ceramic earrings are handmade with love. We stopped by her studio and asked about her story and favorite places in Portland. You can check out her Instagram and see her and her work in person at Project Pop-Up.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Angelina Crawford and I am the founder of Side Hustle Designs. I was born and raised in Mexico and transplanted to Portland about a year and a half ago. I guess a good nutshell statement about me would have to include my love for nature, community, and my ultimate desire to use my natural gifts to leave the corner of the world that I occupy a little better than how I found it.

What events led to SHD?

It all started when, through a strange sequence of events, I ended up going to a Buddhist monastery in the south of France. During this retreat, I witnessed a really beautiful event that took place in a lotus pond. It moved me so deeply, that I wanted to recreate what I had witnessed. When I came back to Portland, I was still determined to make this piece and I thought that I could make it out of clay. However, I had never touched clay outside of middle school art class. So I went to open clay studio at Carter and Rose on Division and actually ended up successfully making this piece while simultaneously finding a newfound appreciation of working with clay. In that studio I started making jewelry for myself as a meditative practice and began to receive inquiries about making them for others. So April of 2018 I launched Side Hustle Designs and here we are!


Who has been an inspiration to your creative process?

I would have to say my mother. She is absolutely amazing. She is ALWAYS making beautiful things. Sewing, cross stitching, crocheting, quilting, floral arranging, decorating, name it, she does it. But she does it for no other reason than the joy of making. She doesn’t sell or attempt to profit from her art. She just does it because she genuinely enjoys creating. She’s never stressed or burdened by her art, she just joyfully makes. Its beautiful.


What do you want people to know about Side Hustle Designs?

There are a few things that are important for me to communicate to the world about Side Hustle Designs. I like to make pieces that are really bold and visible. I think this is a response to what is happening politically in our world. I think more than ever it is so important to be bold and seen and heard and take up space. I hope that when people wear my pieces, they feel the energy that I put into every piece that I make. I want people to wear my jewelry and feel emboldened, beautiful, strong, and fully capable of going out into the world and bringing forth whatever it is that they are meant to do. Basically social armor.

I also think its important to convey a message of inclusivity and love in whatever it is that one is doing. I have chosen to do this by creating a line of single earrings that folks who only have one piercing can rock. I also made a line of pins, because some folks don’t have holes in their lobes. Basically my table is big enough for everyone and I would be honored for everyone to take a seat.

How do you stay creative?

For me creativity is about balance. I believe inspiration is everywhere you look, but if you aren’t in the right mind frame to access it, you won’t see it. No matter how obvious or beautiful it is. So for me, spending time outside is the most vital component in achieving and maintaining my balance. Completely disconnecting from everything and just sitting quietly in nature. Oh man, even as I am typing this that sounds so good, haha. That really is it for me.


What are your favorite spots in Portland?

I love this city, I’m having the best time here! I guess it depends on what experience I’m looking for. Coffee: Barista on Alberta. General hangs: Division. Then there are all the waterfronts! I love sitting on the docks in my foldy chair and just sitting, it’s the best ☺

What are your next steps?

Psh, honestly, I am just riding this thing out and seeing where it goes. As it is, I would have never imagined that what has unfolded was in the card. Its so surprising and fun! I did just get into Renegade San Francisco and Seattle, so that should keep me busy until the new year, after that, we’ll see what happens. Oh! I am launching a podcast in 2019! Its aim is to intergenerationally connect people using clothing and storytelling, so stay tuned for that!


See Angelina and her work at Project Pop-Up
November 25, 2018
1:00 - 4:00 PM

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