Meet Claire from Project Pop-Up

Tell us a little bit about your self

I’m a designer, illustrator and ceramics maker from Los Angeles that moved to Portland 1.5 years ago. I specialize in 3D illustrations, working in ceramics brings balance into my craft and design. 


What issues are you currently passionate about? 

With the current climate,  I’m super stoked we now have the first gay man to win a governor’s race, first native American and muslim women in congress and more than 20 women of color in office!

The best thing about owning Glossy Tanline is:
Being able to working across mediums in both digital and analog form. I enjoy the unexpectedness formed out of different influences and inspirations. Working in between the tangible and intangible keeps me intrigued.
Where is the most interesting place you've been? 

I fell in love with Berlin when I visited earlier this year. The creative energy there is wild and alluring. Another favorite is Bagan, Myanmar. the sunrise over the bagan temples is one of the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Take a quick peek on google, You won’t regret it! 

What are some things you've had to unlearn?
Some rigid ways of making things coming from design school. 

Sometimes you just have to let a design / or material do its thing, in the most wabi sabi way. 


Favorite places in Portland? 

Just discovered @Cloudforest chocolatier/coffee shop and it’s an easy favorite!  love Palomar and Tusk. Plus the Skidmore bluffs for the sunsets during the summer time.


What are your next steps? 

I’m really inspired by clay to keep on experimenting and creating. Working on upping my production and collaborating with more Portland local shops!

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