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We've teamed up with our local Portlanders for our blog series called Portland Loves You to share their stories, style, favorite places and tips. Get to know your neighbor because they're damn awesome!  We want to introduce you to Docia aka D, a Londoner living in Portland with great taste and amazing style. We're so happy she's made Portland her home and we think you will too.

Peace Sign Tee

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

Londoner born and raised. City girl trying to blend into the outdoors and nature.

What do you do for work or what kind of position do you have? Can you please describe it? What drives you to do what you are doing and what do you like about it?   

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at AKQA. I’m a recruiter, so I approach a lot of people about the Creative company I work at.
I love connecting people and hopefully matching people with the right career move and team for them to thrive
Being able to find passionate, interesting people and explore how they can bring value to a team/environment/culture is pretty cool.

Name three things you need for a productive day. 

Lots of water, the option to move around (you can often find me doing the stairs in our office or stretching or something silly), and finally, a “to do list” that I can cross things off from 

How would you describe your style? 

Inspired and considered…Clean + Classic… big on accessories [details make an outfit].     

Who would you consider an inspiration? 

Anyone that is able to make their passions a reality that works for them.

Your friend is visiting you in Portland - where do you take him/her?

So many food spots to mention, but guaranteed there WILL be ice-cream!! And scenic drives around Cascadia.

What are your favorite ice cream spots?
  • Cool moon
  • Lovely’s 50 50
  • Fifty licks
What is something you're passionate about?

Seeing as much of the world as I can. Using travel as rejuvenation and learning.

What are some things on your current to do list that you're working on crossing off. long term and/or short term?
  • Travel: Go to on 5 trips before the year is out (2 of them being international trips)
  • Become a wardrobe stylist
  • Learn: French and Spanish

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