Portland Loves You - Hannah

We've teamed up with our local Portlanders for our blog series called Portland Loves You to share their stories, style, favorite places and tips. Get to know your neighbor because they're damn awesome!  This weeks crush is Hannah!  She's super smart and working towards her masters in health to help educate us on how to better ourselves.  She's definitely one we are glad to have within our Portland community. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I'm working on finishing up my Masters in Public Health at Portland State, where I focus on urban health equity and health communications. I run a lot, I'll be doing my fourth marathon at the end of July! I also love riding my bike and I'm passionate about active transit. I have one cat named Count Modigliani Lorenzo Kanye-West, and a potentially unhealthy obsession with hexagons and the color purple.

What would you say is your spirit emoji and why?

I'd like to say its the purple heart emoji, but it might actually be the side-eye emoji. I don't think I've fully explored my emoji potential. 

Favorite place in Portland:

My favorite place in Portland is Laurelhurst Park. It's my surrogate back yard, I've spent many glorious afternoons lounging around there with my friends. Not to mention the countless times I've run that outer loop.

Favorite thing to do in Portland:

I love wandering through the neighborhoods discovering new places, finding all the fun parks and looking at the beautiful homes. No matter how long you're here there always something new to discover.

Something you're looking forward to this year:

I'm definitely looking forward to finishing grad school. I'm also taking a trip to Greece in September that I'm very excited about, I love to travel and I've never been.

What is an issue you are passionate about and why?

Affordable housing. Everyone deserves a place where they can feel secure and safe. Stable and adequate housing promotes healthy bodies, minds and communities. Especially here in Portland, it is crucial that we take some major steps to create sustainable housing solutions.



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