Meet Hillary from Project Pop-Up

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a total valley girl (born and raised) and studied drawing and painting in a tiny art school in Laguna Beach. I fell in love with painting the figure and moved in and out of Los Angeles, New York and Europe where I became a mom. I have an unhealthy obsession for Persian cats (ask my husband- Ive already got three) and I juggle through life alternating between being a mom to two and my love and need for creating.


What events led to Doralou?

I had moved from Prague to Portland and found myself inheriting my grandmothers abundant collection  of antique sterling silver formal demitasse spoons which turned out to not only be incredibly rare and unimaginably old ,but too gorgeous to collect dust in a basement. I quickly realized I had a pretty amazing lost art on my hands and knew I needed to give these beauties a new life to live.


Do you have any hidden gems in Portland?

Not really a hidden gem to the antique lovers in Portland, but Really Good Stuff knocks my socks off. And Monticello Antiques is always a staple when I’m up for some treasure hunting.


Who do you look up to?

I love old people. They are tough as nails and seeping with wisdom for all of life’s challenges and triumphs. If you want to know life’s secrets- ask someone whose been on this earth longer than us. They probably know the answer.


What would you say to your younger self if given the chance?

Trust and never doubt your intuition. It’s  a built in compass for life we are born with and it will always steer you right if you allow it to. From friendships to relationships to choosing your calling in life and kids- its there for a reason. Don’t ignore it.


What surprised you the most since starting Doralou?

I never expected people to connect with my jewelry collection in such a personal way. So many find these pieces symbolizing a special moment, feeling or person in their life. More often than not women wear these pieces to remember or celebrate someone special that is no longer alive. I am super sentimental so i find it incredibly rewarding. 


What are your next steps?

Because my shop on wheels is brand new at popping up , my next steps are to connect with more of Portland and the people who are looking for a way to remember someone special. Eventually I would love to take Rosie on the road to connect with new people in different states.

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