Meet Kora from Kore Herbals

We met Kora in the best possible way - by chance. Days before our very first Self Care Sunday, one of the participants unfortunately became ill and could not make it. We asked friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. Did anybody know a local woman-owned natural beauty brand that would be free to do a mini-workshop on Sunday?  It wasn't until we remembered briefly meeting her at a previous talk with Yworkshops.


Enter Kora and the beginning of an amazing friendship. Kora is the owner and founder of Kore Herbals - an all-natural beauty brand. Not to mention she studied Flower Essences, Herbalism, Natural Birth Doula Training, Applied Kinesiology, and is about to release her third album. 


We're now excited to have her products online and in store. Get to know Kora and the story behind Kore Herbals with our interview below:


Tell us a little about yourself:

I love old growth forests, harvesting dandelion which is my favorite herb, and talking to horses on the side of the road.  I  sing, write music and will be releasing my third album this year. My favorite person is my dog, Hank. 


What events lead you to start KH:

Kore Herbals began with a love for plants.  When I was living in Philadelphia, went to a spontaneous women's herbal retreat to explore my interest and thats where i met the woman who would become my teacher.  i studied herbalism and began crafting recipes and connecting deeply with plants.  i felt them healing and inspiring me to be well each day I worked with them.  i began focusing on beauty products and making simple 2 or 3 ingredient products such as mascara, lip balm, bath soaks and creams.  all of my friends and neighbors loved the product samples so I turned my kitchen into a production space.  At night would dream up new recipes and bring them to life the next day. 

I started doing extensive research outside of my schooling and buying books and reading stories on people's journeys of beginning an herbal body care business.  this planted the seeds for kore herbals and i never wavered in my new business plan.  i moved to portland to be around the ancient trees in a health conscious city, hoping my business would be well received. 


3 things I need to start the day:

Meditation and internal affirmations, herbal tea, a walk with my dog.


What surprised you most about owning your own business:

My endurance to sustain my business being a one-woman-show and my trust in what I make and can offer the community.


How would you describe KH and the products: 

Kore Herbals begins with plant-based skincare but it’s really a tool to open a bigger conversation about reconnecting us back to nature.  our products inspire rituals for self care and encourage one to experience the healing qualities of plants.  like us, plants and crystals have an energetic frequencies which attune, calm and rebalance us.  Adding these potent ingredients are what make kore herbals different than other products.  each ingredient is chosen with intent for healing both the skin + spirit.


What issues are you passionate about:

I’m passionate about protecting native plants and not over harvesting or contributing to deforestation.  I’m passionate about protecting pollinators and educating around these topics.  I’m passionate about animal rights and being responsible with how we share the earth with them. 


What are your next steps:

My next steps are offering a platform of online classes and in-person workshops focusing on herbal skincare, flower + crystal essences and intuitive recipe crafting.  also, creating a safe, healthy and happy production workspace for a kore herbals team to mix, blend and bottle products on a large scale for wholesale.  We plan to expand our education platform with destination workshops hosted in beauty bars, herb shops, spas and salons around the country.

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