Meet Lynsea from Project Pop-Up

Currently inspired by: Lynsea, her floral arrangements, and her creative journey. From her start just a few months ago to her popups at Vivienne every weekend, Lynsea is a go-getter that inspires everyone around her to pursue joy. You can find her and her work this Saturday at Project Pop-Up.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m just a young Portland lady focusing on the little things; the quiet tender moments that make the hard stuff feel better. I spent too much time on the big things, and the little ones slipped through the cracks. Like my mental health. I let it get the best of me while I tried to fix the world. One thing that always made me feel better is gathering a bunch of greens and blooms, wrapping them in ribbon, and giving them to someone I cared about. A little beauty goes a long way. And now, that’s my life.

Name two truths and one lie.

I’ve been to over one hundred and seventy-five summer camps, my cat is a disgruntled white politician cursed to be stuck in a feline prison for all of eternity, and I am actually just a small toddler stuck in a grown woman’s body.

Your friends are visiting Portland - where do you take them?

Angel Face, Mother Foucault’s Bookshop, Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry, Really Good Stuff, Rimsky Korsakoffee, Willow, Bröder, and The Weller Society.

What events led you to start Coy & Co.?

I spent a portion of my childhood living with my Grandmother, and one of the few positive memories I had during that time was arranging the flowers every Sunday for the kitchen counter. It’s been a long time since then, but I found joy again in arranging beautiful growth into itself. I attended Heather from Sea of Roses’ workshop where we connected and she took a chance on me. This summer, I freelanced with her and I realized I just simply could not do anything else with my life and be happy. So, I decided to follow joy. After being in largely abusive labor environments, I knew I needed to find my community. One that believed in what I believed in and give them all I had. I got lucky, and Robin from Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry gave me an opportunity I’ll never be able to thank her for. Since last month I have been the floral resident there, where I set up my little stall every week, and create custom arrangements for any budget. Finally, I am on my life-path



What issues are you passionate about?

Human Rights. More people of color, non-binary people, and women should hold positions of power. I support equity over equality. People deserve to be paid a living wage and deserve affordable health care coverage. We deserve affordable higher education. Our teachers, professors, and faculty deserve to be paid a living wage. I’m passionate in celebrating what makes us unique in culture, religion, and experience. I believe we all have the same enemy. I believe in giving even when you have nothing.

Describe your typical day.

Wake up at 4:30 AM, walk my dog Honeybug, head to the market, debate what inventory to stock, load up my Volvo, lug buckets of thorny delicate nightmares up the stairs to my studio, prep my inventory, clean up, head to the Weller Society to answer emails and laugh with friends, pick up my partner, watch the Great British Bake Off, have sweet sweet dreams.

What are your next steps?

 I’ll be focusing on large scale installations for events and shows! Next stage installation will be at Blossom’s performance at the Weller Society, November 16th!


See Lynsea and her work at Project Pop-Up
November 25, 2018
1:00 - 4:00 PM

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