Meet Robin

This past May, T and I hosted our very first intern. And we were elated that she was intelligent, tech-savvy, incredibly sweet and a super badass who is also co-president of her robotics team.  We'd like you to meet Robin. As part of her high school program she was required to intern for 30 hours a week for a whole month, Robin learned everything behind-the-scenes of Project Object (and Upper Metal Class).  Our goal for her was to bring her into our world and show her everything from wholesale, retail, buying, making jewelry, shipping and all sides of business.  She designed her own math and science-inspired jewelry, created email blasts, met other local store-owners, and helped with the store merchandising.


We were so excited to be present to witness all the amazing presentations and see so many young people who will most likely make positive changes in the world. We have no doubt that Robin will be a woman of science who will make history on day.  We can not be more proud of Robin with her pursuing science at Brown University and are so happy for her success!  We think she's awesome and think you will too!  She is the future!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a senior in high school at Catlin Gabel. I love math and science, and I try to encourage other young women to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) despite the gender imbalance. Most of my time in high school was spent either with my robotics team or with a connected club engineering projects for our community, most recently light and power for Portland’s houseless residents. However, I don’t like to be labelled as a “math and science person.” I love STEM, but that didn’t stop me from taking history and Spanish classes my senior year or from reading poetry and loving musical theater.

What do you like to do for fun?

In addition to working in the robotics lab, some of my favorite moments from high school happened on the soccer field or singing in my school’s choir. I also love to read, listen to music, and do crossword puzzles with my parents.

Who do you regard as an inspiration?

My biggest inspirations throughout high school have always been my teachers, for their knowledge, dedication to their students, and their openness about the complexities and realities of adult life. I should also probably mention my parents, who taught me to be kind, honest, and persistent, and that the only thing to do is try your hardest.

What is your spirit animal?

I don’t know if I have a spirit animal, but my spirit shape is definitely a pentagon.

Why were you attracted to Project Object as an internship?

Two summers ago, I attended a week-long summer camp about youth activism, and I left completely inspired. Since then, I’ve looked for ways to make a difference and support causes I care about like women’s rights. At the same time, I’ve always loved art is various forms, but haven’t gotten to explore studio art as much as I’d like to. Project Object seemed like a perfect way to combine these two passions - I get to learn about art with the goal of supporting important social causes.

Future steps?

This fall, I’ll start school at Brown University. I’m hoping to study cognitive neuroscience and examine the neural basis for things like perception, music, and language, continuing to connect science and art :)


A sampling of some of Robin's finished pieces of jewelry based on math and science.

Her very first design was of the Golden Ratio a mathematics term and equation.

In this 2nd round of designs she explores more with experimenting and being less literal based on mathematic shapes.

Last round of Robin's designs.  As you can see her love of reading and education is a constant in her life.  We love her for this!

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