Project Object: the Beginning

When you've seen Project Object grow from the literal ground-up, it's difficult to not get a little sentimental. Project Object started out as a "someday" dream that seemed too far in the future to be considered a possibility. 

But with the grand opening coming up in less than a week, we decided to look back to some our favorite memories surrounding the growth of Project Object.

So without further ado, here is a list of our favorite simple moments - the ones we got way too excited about but brought us closer to accepting our dream was becoming a reality.

1. Celia building the amazing Project Object fixtures

We met Celia last year when she was building her own house. You read that right - she was building her house. She designed and created the fixtures with incredible precision and attention to detail. Celia made everything from the tables to the outside signage...we can't get enough!

2. Moving our plant babies to their new home

If you've seen pictures of the original Upper Metal Class studio, you may have noticed the beautiful ivy growing in the space. The three-year-old plant became a welcome friend of the studio. Moving the ivy plants to Project Object made the store feel more familiar in the best kind of way.

3. Receiving our products in the mail

For the first few months, it was like Christmas every day. Unboxing the little treasures that arrived in our shop became one of the best parts of the day. We love every single product we offer and we hope you do too.

4. Klai painting the wall mural

One of the things we were really excited about was the painting of the store wall. Klai flew in from California to paint the amazing mural and will be the first of many pop-up artists. The mural features 18 portraits of women with different ethnicities. Each face is beautiful even though they all contradict the social standards of beauty. There are faces with wild hair, baggy eyes, crooked teeth, chapped lips, and thick eyebrows. Klai painted the women on this mural like the women in real life: perfectly imperfect. 




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