Pick Me Up

  • $15.00

  • “This book is helping me live my best life and Adam J. Kurtz is my fave therapist!” –Tavi Gevinson
  • “Adam J. Kurtz is master of the playful, lightweight mood booster.” –BuzzFeed
  • “I am so grateful to have Pick Me Up in my life.” –Michelle Branch
  • “This book is so great ❤️🙏👯🌈🎊👻🍾” –Tegan and Sara
  • “By poking fun at society’s unrealistic expectations surrounding eternal happiness, Kurtz instead works to assist his readers in arriving at their own unique pursuit of contentment.” –VICE
Pick Me Up is an interactive book for getting through the darker parts of life. Similar to my first book, this book encourages you to write, draw and grow over time in its pages. But unlike 1 Page at a Time, this book is all about coming back again and again to read your own advice, reflect on past shit that was suuuuuch a big deal and isn't anymore, and watch yourself grow as a person. You open to any page, flip to any other page, and keep hopping around. Just pick it up whenever and find something to feel good about on every page.

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