What's Power?

An ongoing series of workshops, classes, and talks dedicated to teaching women more about male-dominated topics and industries.

Our mission is to create a safe space to ask questions and learn something new. Every month we will co-host an event with a bad-ass organization in Portland.


How do I get involved?

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Upcoming event

DIY Sex Toy

October 28th at 2pm

We partnered with Django Girls PDX for our DIY Sex Robot class. Facilitated by Hailee Kenney and Terian Koscik will teach participants how to code a vibration pattern for a take-home vibrator. This is a workshop is targeted at total beginners! No previous programming experience is required. This beginner workshop will teach programming basics of data types, functions, conditionals, and give an introduction to interfacing with and programming hardware. Using programmable vibrators, attendees will write their own customized vibration programs, and in doing so gain perspective on how programming can be used in everyday life. We will go through the process of setting up the connection between the vibrator, an Arduino, and a computer, installing the Arduino software, and making a simple program together. Throughout the workshop, I will discuss some of the underlying technical concepts behind what we’ll be building, and provide examples of how these skills relate to jobs in the tech industry. Attendees should bring a laptop with the Arduino IDE installed (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software). We’ll go over installation at the workshop as well. Please note, this workshop requires separate registration and is limited to 15 participants.

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