Blue State Nail Polish

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Metallic Ocean Blue Nail Polish / 15 mL with Metallic Gold Cap / Vegan / Made in the USA / Seven Free 
The Cause: Millenials are the most diverse generation in our country’s history. They are now also the largest eligible voting bloc with Pew Research Center stating Millenial women favor progressive Democrats over Republicans by a whopping 70-23 margin. Our dream is that every single one of them shows up to vote. And that’s why we’re donating 20% of profits to the Alliance for Youth Action network. 
The Effect: The self-described “scrappy and fierce” network is run by the young and for the young, growing progressive people power across America by fighting for automatic voter registration, working with local elected officials to protect and expand convenient youth voting options, preserve college campus voting stations, and encouraging young people to stay engaged with the political process as reliable voters for life.

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